Who are we?

We have been working creatively with glass for over 18 years now. We collaborate with architects, which means that the concept for most of our works is born at the stage when the building, its space and its environment are being designed.

What do we offer?

We offer a wide range of services:
• we design and create both traditional and Tiffany stained glass;
• we design and create lamps;
• we design and create flat and bent elements using the fusion technique to produce fused glass partitions, screens, claddings, skylights, lamps, counters, fountains, sculptures, as well as putting it use in other unusual ways.

The essence of fused glass is its uniqueness and its artistic quality, which adds a prestigious accent wherever it is used. The potential for firing and forming glass in a processor-controlled kiln, shaping and colouring it, means that fusing has found a wide range of applications in contemporary interior design. Precision control of the furnace enables the artist-designer to create new uses for the glass and adapt it to specific requirements and current trends in the design of architectural environments. At Ars Vitrum, we create unusual architectural designs in glass.

What makes us different?

We have many years of experience in designing and creating glass items. We have carried out hundreds of projects, encompassing stained glass, lamps, and other applied art objects. Despite our extensive knowledge and craftsmanship, we continue to develop and are always open to new ideas. We constantly seek new means of expression and believe that the only limit to our capabilities is the imagination.

What can we be proud of?

Our works have been presented at exhibitions on myriad occasions and they can be found in private collections and public institutions both in Poland and abroad. Welcome to our website!

Katarzyna and Wieńczysław Kost
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