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Tiffany stained glass – takes its name from its creator, Louis Comfort Tiffany, an American artist working at the beginning of the 20th century. The technique, which involves applying copper tape to the glass elements and then joining them together with tin, allows subtle and delicate pictures to be created in glass. In the main, at Ars Vitrum, we use American glass from the SPECTRUM, UROBOROS, KOKOMO and WISSMACH glassworks.

Traditional stained glass is created from pieces of glass cut to a cartoon and joined together with lead cames. The glass is often patinated or painted with sacred scenes, or botanical and animal motifs. For our work with stained glass, we use beautiful, blown glass from Poland or select glass of other origins, with an irregular texture which simulates handcrafted material.

Most of the stained glass produced in our studio are is either designed by us ourselves, or by architects. We also produce worksto designs provided by our clients.

Stained glass is widely used in contemporary interiors. It can either be part of a larger element, or form a central piece in its own right, a picture making the interior unique. Used in windows, it can replace an undesirable view, or shield the interior, endowing it with an intimate privacy. With the right glass texture and colour, some very interesting effects can be achieved.

Nowadays, when the markets are, quite simply, awash with mass-produced items, what we seek are unique objects and stained glass fits the bill admirably.

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