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Fusing, hot glass, and fused glass, are all terms used to describe the technology of melting glass in a processor-controlled kiln at high temperatures reaching a maximum of 950˚C. The use of fireproof moulds during the process of combining colourless and coloured glass, enamel, metal oxides and dyes means that we can achieve versatile forms, textures and coloured surfaces. A knowledge of the compatibility of the particular materials is vital, in order to ensure that, once it is removed from the kiln, the glass will be permanently fused. The results of the process are unique and fascinating elements, each a work of art in its own right.
Currently, fused glass is widely used in architecture and decorative designs for partitions, door glazing, radiator screens, table tops, furniture elements, frames, lighting, and culinary glassware; it offers the potential of creating new visual effects in our environment.

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