fusing, stained glass, stained glass, fused glass, glass, bending glass, lamps, screens, glass art, architectural glass, curved glass wersja polska

Katarzyna Kost – artist

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fusing, stained glass, stained glass, fused glass, glass, bending glass, lamps, screens, glass art, architectural glass, curved glass

Katarzyna’s designs encompass stained and fused glass, lamps, and artistic glass. She co-operates with architectural studios, developing designs for unique glass forms intended for architectural spaces and landscape environments. The designs are then produced in the Ars Vitrum studio, which she runs together with her husband.


She gained her professional experience i.a. in Spain, undergoing apprenticeship training in the Vidrieras Torre stained glass studio in Madrid from 1993 to 1994 and then working as a stained glass instructor in the Brico Pin School in Madrid from 1994 to 1996.
She opened her own studio in Krakow in 1996.


As she herself says about her art: “I depict a reality seen through the prism of my own sensitivity and experience. My inspiration is nature; I wonder at it, observe it, listen to it and sometimes, I make myself part of it. I seek for women’s intended place, the relationship between the male and female elements and the natural cycles to which they are subordinate. My intention is to unlock the values which provide the balance”.


• BRICO PIN, Madrid, Spain, 1994, 1995, 1996
• IFEMA fine arts fair, Madrid, Spain, 1994, 1995, 1996
• Group exhibition, Henny Rahn Jetten Gallery, Madrid, Spain 1995
• Contemporary Polish Stained Glass, group exhibition, Krakow, 2000
• Biennale Internationale du Vitrail, Bourg la Reine, France, 2001
• Light, Colour, Movement,solo exhibition, Dobczyce Town Council, 2003
• Solo exhibition, Szalom Gallery, Krakow 2005
• Jan, solo exhibition, Museum of Regional Art, Dom Grecki (the Greek House), Myślenice 2006

• The Bourg la Reine Medal for the stained glass work entitled Adam + Ewa = Love, France 2001

Wieńczysław Kost – visual artist, technologist and manager

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A graduate of the State High School of Fine Arts in Krakow, Wieńczysław gained his professional experience in a timber and stone sculpture conservation and reconstruction studios, where he created a new section, unique fusion glass, the essence of which is its inimitability.

His sculpting talents and knowledge of the technological solutions essential to the creation and assembly of three-dimensional forms, together with his skill in marrying different materials, mean that the studio can offer fusion glass conceived at the architectural and landscape environment design stage. As a result, large-scale glazed elements in the form of reliefs, fountains, lamps, and the three-dimensional, applied forms such as the showpiece glass counters in the public areas of hotels, restaurants, banks, public buildings and SPA salons, as well as those found in private residences. Many of these pieces are presented here, on our website.











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